Range of specialists

The seven partners each have their own specific capacities and legal interests.Our personal approach means that your issue is always dealt with by the lawyer most suited to it.
Here, experience and specialist area play an important part. And that knowledge is further reinforced by the close cooperation between the different lawyers within the firm.In your interest.

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Clear and plain

Every matter we deal with is a new challenge, and we always look for the most efficient solution. Many cases can be settled amicably and out of court. So why get involved in lengthy, expensive court proceedings?

 Our position at ARDENT is clear and plain: bring proceedings only if it’s in your interest, not in ours.

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Keeping up to gain a lead

The legal landscape is changing by the day: a constant flood of new legislation, precedents and legal doctrine brings the need for continued on-the-job training, permanent updating and refining of our knowledge.

Knowledge that gives us an advantage when dealing with your affairs.


Knowledge that is important to let us assist your business with all the aspects you have to take account of in economic life. Our up-to-date knowledge will support you in dealing with all the legal, tax-related, financial, personnel and environmental aspects of your business.

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Not just purely legal

Decisions in your business have more than just a legal context.

Their financial consequences and the resultant impact on your business are of particular importance.

And so ARDENT guarantees integrated support for your enterprise. To achieve that, we are in constant contact with specialists in related areas such as accountancy, tax matters, the environment etc.


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